BloomBoard is an O'Dell Graphic Solutions Client


O’Dell Graphic Solutions is pleased to be working with a new client, BloomBoard — the leading professional development platform for empowering continuous, personalized, competency-based learning for K-12 educators.

In support of a BloomBoard’s recent launch of, we’re currently working on mobile and desktop display advertising for social media outlets and outside placements, as well as printed advertorials for top publications in the educational industry.

OGS looks forward to helping this great company achieve its goals — and of course, giving you a glimpse of the completed work with our followers when it’s live.

BloomBoard was founded in 2010 by Jason Lange and Eric Dunn when they took on the challenge of developing a teacher coaching platform that would use technology to take the principles of differentiated instruction for students ~and apply those principles~ to teacher development and support. Along with a world class team of former educators, engineers, and others dedicated to their mission, Lange and Dunn have built a holistic set of tools and products to power both effective coaching and continuous, personalized, competency-based learning for educators.

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  • weaver3214

    I think every educators are like this and they have more interest about this empowering knowledge. I hope it will be so more useful for them to be success in their life.