inPlace Design Website by O'Dell Graphic Solutions

In spring of 2016 O’Dell Graphic Solutions worked with strategic partner, Weiss PR, and inPLACE Design founder, Dustin Watson, on a new responsive website to highlight inPLACE Design’s services and portfolio of work.

OGS’ task was to not only develop an attractive mobile-friendly website to showcase inPLACE’s services and portfolio of work, but also to make sure the website furthered Mr. Watson’s position as an industry thought leader by providing an easy-to-manage publishing platform that would allow inPLACE to regularly post and syndicate content on various topics from sustainable development initiatives to international development trends.

OGS did this by first, working with Weiss PR to solidify inPLACE Design’s unique selling proposition, then matching up the concept with headlines, subheads, content and imagery that re-enforced the inPLACE message, Designing Places & Enriching Lives. Finally OGS developed a responsive WordPress-based website that included checked all the boxes.

We encourage you to check out our case study here, or stop by and see for yourself.

OGS congratulates inPLACE on their new site, and looks forward to their success.

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